Cany’s Clay

We are a small business making jewelry to make someone feel special. Impacting our customers with optimism and kindness is our reward. Make someone feel special with a small piece of us!

  • Jewerly

    All of our stainless steel items.

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  • Apparel

    The heart of our small business, where all items are unique and especial for you. Big sale going on!

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  • Accessories

    All sorts of accessories and items. Like key chains, hair accessories and key fobs.

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Meet the owner

Hello everyone,

I am Naiuska Toro Almodovar, the owner of Cany's clay since 2020. My small business was created back in 2020, While I was in Okinawa Japan.I am a full time active duty member of the USN and having a full time job my small business can be chaotic sometimes. But, it's my happy place. Since we started with this journey I personally feel that I have grown as a person and my business has grown with me. It's a small business with a big heart behind the scene. I enjoy having a cup of coffee and reading a good book as much I enjoy making orders for my customers. I am a fur mom and you won't be missing my small fur in our daily basics. Also, I have a hard passion for medicine. Grateful to work in the field of medicine and everyone I have met while doing my job. Last, I want to say l LOVE HAVING YOU HERE.